Street fighter second part

2008-09-25 23:48:54 by rosecicmil

I'm just here to inform anybody who cares, that i am releasing in about a month or two, my street fighter second part of "Ryu and Ken vs Makoto". In the second part the characters are going to be: Ryu, Ken, Yun, and Yang. I still haven't thought of a name but i was thinking of "SF Double Dragon" since they will be fighting as a team.Well i gave too much away so your just gonna have to see it if your intrested :)... Peace.

Street fighter second part


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2008-09-26 07:19:22

why not do something that doesnt include Ryu or Ken??
they are too overused and they suck ass.
but i liked your previoous flash anyway.


2008-09-26 12:18:40

lookin 4ward 2 it


2008-10-20 15:00:45

Hope to see it soon!
You're a decent flash user ;)


2008-10-23 07:24:59

Sounds interesting man!

Do your best on it, try to satisfy us all because you have a awesome choreography.

Looking forward to seeing =)


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